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DTC End of Day Position provides the total positions held at The Depository Trust Company (DTC), the largest central securities depository in the world.

  • About

    DTC End of Day Position data can improve market transparency and reduce compliance risk associated with trading equity securities by providing insight into the float or the number of public shares a company has available for trading on the open market. Users can leverage the data to understand what shares are available for trading and calculate critical financial metrics while staying current on dilutive market activities resulting from conversions of convertible bonds, preferred stock, employee stock options rights, and warrants. 

  • Benefits



    Unparalleled Market Coverage

    Coverage is based on a one-day sample from September 2019 data.

    Enhanced Strategy Customization

    Customize trading strategies with insights derived from daily changes in DTC’s End of Day position, such as new issuance, share buybacks, direct registrations, stock splits, employee stock option redemptions, or convertible security conversions

    Increased Transparency

    Obtain the current amount outstanding for fixed income securities and timely insight into calls, maturities, or conversions that may impact an issue’s valuation, inclusion/removal from an index, or require replacement within a portfolio.

  • How It Works

    DTC’s End of Day Position service represents the number of securities held (either par amount or shares) for each CUSIP. DTC End of Day Position for equity securities data reflects the float or the number of public shares a company has available for trading on the open market.

  • Delivery

    • Subscribers will receive the files each business day at approximately 11 pm ET Monday-Friday
    • End of Day Position is delivered in comma-separated (CSV) files, standard output format, over the internet via SFTP
    • Historical data (from January 2, 2018) is available via a one-time delivery
    • EOD position is also available on the Snowflake Marketplace*
      * Available in AWS-US-East-1 (N. Virginia) and AWS-US-West-2 (Oregon) regions

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